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Whatever your goal may be: whether you’ve always wanted to run that (half) marathon, improve your cycling performance or when you want to go for the ultimate challenge of a Triathlon or Ironman.

One step ahead is your partner in determining and reaching your personal goals and challenges.
We motivate, inform, guide and advice sportsmen and women of all ages and performance levels

Bart Slaman, your Sports coach


Bart Slaman

Certified Ironman Coach

Pleased to meet you. Sports is the ultimate common thread that runs through both my personal and work life.
From years of trading athletics and field equipment to years in the fitness industry. After 6 years in dentistry equipment-field I am now back fulltime and full force in sports and it feels like coming home.
In recent years I have competed in many (half) marathons, the ROPA run (from Rotterdam to Paris). I also participated in a Olympic and regular full Triathlon. All these events were wonderful experiences to participate in. Experiences that no one can ever take away from me and that I can honestly say I’m proud of.
That awesome feeling one gets after working hard for a run or event, and one crosses that finish line… that is a feeling I want for you to experience as well. Working together with you to achieve your personal goals is the absolute best thing ever!



For the best personal training schedule i use the following roadmap:



I will send you a link to an intake form. This form is to determine your goals, possibilities and experience.



After filling out the intake form, we’ll set up an appointment for an exercise test and interview.



The information from your intake form, interview and exercise test will be integrated and processed into a tailored personal training schedule.

Exercise/Stress Test

By means of a Cortex (measuring instrument) One Step Ahead can measure your physical condition.
An exercise test gives us objective information concerning your performance as an athlete.
This information is essential in the preparation, evaluation and /or adjustment of your personal work out plan.
The most pure indicator for measuring your condition is the maximum aerobic endurance,
in other words, the maximum amount of oxygen that can be taken in per minute. The technical term for this is the VO2-max.
Also for recreational athletes, the results of an exercise test can be very useful:
How is my stamina? Is my work out plan getting me where I want to be? One Step Ahead can advise in what is best for you.
In most cases Sports medical examination expenses are covered by your health insurance.
If you want to be sure, please contact your insurance company or call us, we will be more than happy to assist you.


  • Sports are fun to participate in, but you must have the time for it. As an owner of a successful market research agency, time is always scarce. I trained, but made no progress. Now I am. Gert Schouten

  • Why I train at One Step Ahead? In 2010, at a later age, I started cycling. A few years later, I got the idea to ride the Grand Fondo of New York. The targeted training towards a goal was born. Now I want to focus on completing a Triathlon, the Olympic distance to start with. Looking for a fitting training schedule, I came across Bart Slaman by word of mouth. From the initial meeting on I knew I was in very competent hands. In an experienced and motivated manner, Bart guided me on my way to prepare for my first Triathlon. A sports test was part of the intake, after which the personalized training schedule with the different zones was drawn up. If I need to, I can contact Bart online and I know I will get the professional assistance I need. An online guide but always with a very personal touch. Ignace Heerschop

  • Hello, my is Robert Bes and at this moment I train with Bart Slaman from One Step Ahead. I have been in several sports events for many years and ran many Marathons but always have done so without professional guidance. When Bart started One Step Ahead, I jumped at the chance and signed up immediately. The perfect-fit-schedules, the advice and the personal approach that working with Bart brings, gives me the much needed confidence in achieving the next goals, namely; the marathon of Rotterdam and the Triathlon OD distance in Veenendaal. Robert Bes


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